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When it comes to protecting your right to live and work in this country legally, or to help those you love obtain permanent residency, you need a Cleveland immigration lawyer that understands this branch of law and is dedicated to fighting for you. At Herman Legal Group, our knowledgeable and compassionate team focuses on dealing with issues concerning visas, residency requirements, marriages and family reunification, as well as those seeking political asylum.

We know the process of setting up a new home in a new country can be overwhelming, whether you're relocating for personal reasons or have been transferred to the United States for your career. For over 17 years, we've been working to bring a compassionate and personal touch to each of our services, letting our clients know they're working with a legal team that truly cares about their wellbeing. With us, you'll never simply be another customer.

If you've been putting off speaking to a knowledgeable Cleveland immigration lawyer about your issues, it's time to step up and make a move toward a more successful outcome. The team at Herman Legal Group provides individualized attention and is personally invested in each and every case we handle, meaning you'll always have someone on your side who is conscientious about meeting deadlines, filing the necessary paperwork, and becoming your strongest advocate. Call us today to schedule a consultation with our professionals, and protect your rights simply and effectively.

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Our Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland Immigration Lawyers serve the family and business immigration needs of clients in Ohio and all 50 states. Immigration is federal law and allows us to serve clients nationwide.

The Herman Legal Group was founded over 17 years ago by immigration lawyer Richard Herman, who believed that traditional immigration law firms were too stuffy, did not have much of a social conscience, and looked at clients more as a revenue source than simply as people who needed help. Guided by this simple vision, we have developed a reputation for compassion and tenacity, handing even the most complex cases with patience and dedication.

The Herman Legal Group is a full-service Ohio immigration law firm, helping clients obtain family and employment-based green cards, acquire work visas, fight deportation, obtain immigration bonds, prosecute immigration appeals and federal court litigation, obtain political asylum and U.S. citizenship and naturalization. We also represent physicians, nurses, and other health care workers in immigration matters. We handle the immigration needs of foreign investors through EB-5, E-2 and L-1 tracts. For employers, we represent companies undergoing U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement investigations, I-9 audits and compliance matters.
Richard is not only a dedicated and acclaimed immigration lawyer working hard for his clients, but he is also a national speaker, author, and activist on the dire economic and humanitarian need for Comprehensive Immigration Law Reform. He has “written the book” on immigrants and immigration with his internationally-acclaimed work, Immigrant, Inc. (John Wiley & Sons), co-authored by veteran journalist Robert L Smith.

Richard has appeared on FOX news (The O’Reilly Factor), ABC News 20/20, National Public Radio, and appeared in Businessweek, Forbes, USA Today, Inc. magazine, and many other media outlets. Richard is a powerful speaker on the business-case for immigration reform, appearing at events around the country sponsored by local chambers of commerce and the Partnership for a New American Economy, a bipartisan coalition of 400 CEOs and Mayors, led by Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch, working to raise awareness on the economic benefits of smart immigration reform.

We pride ourselves on our national reputation as immigration lawyers in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, and we may be able to put it to work for you.

Our Ohio immigration law firm is headquartered in Cleveland, and has offices in Columbus, Cincinnati, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Raleigh. Taking advantage of the low cost of doing business from our centrally-located Midwest headquarters, we are able to reduce our operating costs and pass those savings on to our clients nationwide.
Our immigration attorneys travel around the country for U.S. Immigration Court hearings, for client interviews before the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service, and for client meetings. We leverage technology to process our clients’ cases efficiently, and we rely on phone, email, skype, and overnight courier services to maintain close contact with our clients, wherever they may reside.

We have dedicated our lives to helping immigrants and the businesses that sponsor them. We admire immigrants and we believe that immigrants embody the strength and promise of America. Our immigration law practice is about you. We work for you, not the other way around. Together, we devise a plan. There is no once-size-fits-all. Only after spending considerable time talking with you, gathering your information, and exploring all of the options, can we recommend the most efficient and cost-effective strategy that best fits your goals. Successful outcomes are much more likely to occur when client, lawyer, and paralegal work together as a team.

Richard is fond of saying that “the Herman Legal Group works hard to secure and maintain client trust --- which is our firm’s most precious asset.” This is not a marketing slogan ---- it is bedrock of our firm culture.

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